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Our creation between a taco and a quesadilla!

This is the mighty Quesataco. (two per order) 6" corn tortilla lightly seared with our house blend mild chilli oil. Melted cheese, choice of filling, fresh diced red onions, cilantro, jalapeńo.

Choose a tasty filling:


  • A la plancha Chicken - Pan seared chicken breast, bell peppers, onions
  • Pollo asado chicken - Achiote marinated roasted chicken ( Glen Dr. Only)
  • A la diabla chicken (very spicy) - Arbol chile sauce
  • Beef salpicon - Angus braised beef, nugget potatoes


  • Carnitas- Confit pork shoulder, sour orange

Vegetarian Options


  • Roasted cauliflower with Chipotle hummus, lemon dressing
  • Frijolitos - Pinto beans, caramelized onions, chipotle peppers
  • Roasted corn. Chipotle tomato, zucchini, caramelized onions

    Gluten Friendly

    **Available at Strathcona ONLY


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