Fall Menu


The Mighty Quesataco: Where Taco Meets Quesadilla!
Fall Menu


Experience the Warmth of Fall with Our Savory Quesabirria Delight!
Fall Menu

Wild Pacific Cod Baja Taco

Savor the Season with Our Fish Taco!

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*Please note menu varies by location. The location you shop at will be the location where we will prepare your order for pickup!*

Strathcona Pickup Window, 1245 Glen Drive

Phone: (778) 868-7041

North Vancouver, 1300 Londsdale Ave

Phone: (604) 288-1999

UBC, 6025 University Blvd

Phone: (604) 288-9511

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Grilled Free Range Tequila Chicken Wings

Warm Up with the Fiery Flavor of Tequila-infused Wings!

Get ready to heat up your fall with our Grilled Free Range Tequila Chicken Wings. These smoky tequila-infused wings are a taste sensation like no other. Accompanied by a rich roasted garlic & lemon sour cream dip, they're the perfect combination of bold flavors to keep you cozy and satisfied all season long.


Savor the Flavor of Fall & Winter with Our Signature Burrito!

Experience the essence of Fall and Winter in every bite of our signature Burrito. It's a hearty and satisfying meal. Choose your favourite filling to make it truly your own. ⁠

Mi Taco
es Tu Taco

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The best Mexican food in Vancouver! I was blown away by the food, service and the flavours!

Vancouver, BC

We drive from Surrey for this food. Being from Hispanic descent, it’s hard to find good authentic food. We are never disappointed! We always order the family feast for 4 (there’s are 6 of us) and we always have some left over. The portions are more than generous and full of flavour.

Amanda S.
Surrey, BC

Really tasty! The fish burrito was 10/10. Their quesabirria tacos were definitely the fan faves in this household though. Amazing customer service and client care with a dedication to quality and consistency. Will definitely be eating there again :)

Alexandra Montoya
Vancouver, BC

My go-to restaurant for Mexican food!! Absolutely delicious. There is usually a bit of a wait but the quality totally makes up for it. Staffs are friendly, and seem to be working really hard to bring out the best service to customers. 6/5 stars

Lan-Phuong LN
Vancouver, BC

The pictures don't do the quesabirria justice! Packed with flavour and the dipping sauce is killer. Now I'm going to have to meticulously try the whole menu throughout the summer. Such is life!

Alana Thomson
Vancouver, BC

Staff were so nice, I asked for an extra sticker because I'm a dork and I love stickers, they gave me a bunch. The food was amazing. A little bit pricey but it tasted so delicious that I regret nothing. They even gave me a little thank you note with my order that was on a really nice card.

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Los Angeles, CA
Where to find us

North Vancouver

1300 Londsdale Avenue


6025 University Blvd


1245 GLEN DR